Secret to Success 01

  • November 03, 2021
  • 18:00 Europe/Berlin
  • online on Zoom

Workshop for creating your own Coffee Meditations, personalized especially for yourself, on the 3 most important areas of your life: financial freedom, thriving relationships, and radiant health

This workshop is for you if: 

  • You’ve already participated in the past to at least 1 training event in the Seed System, organized by the Diamond Cutter Institute, DCI Global, Seed of True Success, Diamond Management, Diamond System România or SeedingFrenzy
  • You want to achieve your goals faster
  • You are planting good seeds frequently and constantly, but the results are still waiting to be seen
  • You do not have a daily practice of Coffee Meditation
  • You do not know how to do Coffee Meditation
  • You do not know what the Coffee Meditation contains
  • You do not know when to do Coffee Meditation
  • You do not know what to include in the Coffee Meditation
  • You do not have a support system to do Coffee Meditation

This workshop contains:

  • Three hours of group coaching and mentoring (18:00 – 21:00, Central European Time – Berlin/ Vienna)
  • A detailed list of good seeds for financial abundance
  • A detailed list of good seeds for thriving relationships
  • A detailed list of good seeds for radiant health
  • Two guided meditations for achieving your goals faster

What you will receive during and after the workshop: 

  • Step-by-step guidance and council in elaborating your own Coffee Meditations, tailored especially for you
  • Personalized Coffee Mediation for your personal use to reach financial freedom
  • Personalized Coffee Mediation for your personal use to reach your relationship goals
  • Personalized Coffee Mediation for your personal use to reach your health and fitness vision
  • Accountability buddy to implement a daily habit to do Coffee Meditation

Feedback received from participants in the last 4 editions, just after the workshop:

  • Thank you for everything, Ana! Everything was very, very good for me. and I am extremely confident in what you taught us, so I’m doing Coffee Meditation with lots of enthusiasm. 😍
  • I loved it!
  • Congrats, Ana. Thank you a lot for the support given in understanding Coffee Meditation
  • I am very grateful. Thank you very much, Ana!
  • A BIG HUG! MERCI MULT!!! Now it’s crystal clear… I would never get bored with such a mentor! I listened to you many times during the evening, on youtube. Thank you, Ana! Lots of health and success!
  • Congratulations for this workshop. Thank you very much!
  • Gratitude to you, Ana, for the opportunity you offered me! I’m happy to inspire through my own example… everyone that I care about! Yes, I want to participate to the 4 Powers workshop (Karma Detox)
  • You are wonderful and I thank you from my heart! <3 
  • Thanks a lot Ana! Now, it is very clear for me, how to do Coffee Meditation
  • Congrats! May you help many people with this workshop, to support them to free themselves from suffering!
  • you have an absolutely contagious energy. THANK YOU!
  • Thank you for all the clarity you brought me!
  • Amazing Ana! I really really enjoyed it! I am so excited about everything I learned! Thank you!
  • It was great
  • Thank you! I’m happy to have such beautiful seeds to know you and participate in these workshops!

Feedback received 66 days after the workshop: What did you enjoy in participating to the Secret to Success – Coffee Meditation workshop?

  • The fact that at the end you receive a buddy for keeping up with the practice. All the question for finding you seeds are also excellent. 🙂
  • I enjoyed everything that was discussed in the workshop and everything that happened afterwards. I think that the ideas with the accountability buddy and the 66-day follow-up are really cool.
  • Quality information
  • I gained clarity, understanding, wisdom and discipline. 66 uninterrupted days of Coffee Meditation. I gained new seed planting parteners and fertile soils. I gained self confidence that I can reach my objectives! I am grateful for everything! Thank you, The Ana – SeedingFrenzy!
  • I loved everything about Secret to Success!
  • Everything, Ana Ilie, information, the way it was presented, everything 🤗
  • the partnership that started with X, the mutual support and encouragement have propelled us just like you informed us in the workshop
  • What I loved the most was that you offered us a partner with whom to go through this challenge.. it was wonderful because at the beginning, when maybe there wasn’t a lot of motivation or maybe it seemed that you didn’t do anything big in a particular day, the discussion with the accountability partner was the boost you needed to fill your heart with joy. Moreover, the emails you’ve sent us at the end of each stage were wonderful! and this made me feel that I’m advancing on the right path and that there’s always somebody watching and ready to give and advice if I need one. 
  • The fact that I observed the goal from 10 different perspectives
  • Ana’s energy and engagement
  • The structure
  • The thing I like most is my coffee meditation partner, also the workshop content was amazing and I really appreciate your follow-up messages. Thank you very much for making me implement this habit!
  • The ease of the implementation, the ease of creating a new constructive habit, the accountability part, the results gained following the constant practice of Coffee Meditation
  • watering many types of seeds; practice mini yoga
  • the practical character and sharing of results and experience. the fact that the 1-time practice plants the seed for practicing the 2nd day
  • I really liked that I had an accountability partner. without him, it’s very probable I wouldn’t have succeeded
  • it’s a very good start that helps you remember older seeds that you never thought about before and you cannot say anymore that you don’t have anything to feel good about like we’re tempted to do at the beginning… in time, you let go of the list because your pen wants to write down new seeds! 🙂 and in this way you become addicted to Coffee Meditation!
  • It’s practical and applicable
  • Because it helped me to have a routine of watering my good seeds that I’ve planted in my life. the Buddy System The Buddy System that motivates you to keep on doing the practice
  • The clarity with which the information was explained
  • it brings you from talking to walking the talk. Not just that you set goals, but you take precise steps towards reaching them
  • besides the clear information and the practical part, the fact that I continued the practice with a buddy is extraordinary. 
  • I loved the idea itself of monitoring the good seeds I plant and the accountability to tell a buddy that I did my Coffee Meditation. In about 1 month, when I write to my partner, I also send the detailed list of good seeds I’ve planted.

Investment: 88* Euro

*Those who have participated already in SeedSystem trainings, benefit of a 50% discount with VOUCHER (please contact me directly to receive it)

This event will be hosted on Zoom. You will receive by email the access link, after buying the ticket.

Save your spot right NOW to the only training event in the world, during which you can create your own Coffee Meditations and after which you can create the new habit of watering the good seeds every single day!


€ 88

Workshop for creating your own Coffee Meditations, personalized especially for your individual use, on the 3 most important areas of your life: financial freedom, thriving relationships and radiant health

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