4STEPS – Workbook


Learn how to apply a system that works every time to consciously create the inner and outer success you want.

Workbook and practical method to implement a new constructive habit, so that you achieve your 5 main goals in the #SeedSystem: #financialindependence, happy relationships, radiant health, calm & creative mind and #leadership (professional or personal).

This workbook is for you if:
  • You want to learn (or recall) how to apply a system that has been surviving successfully for over 2,500 years!
  • You want to start working on your life vision right NOW: the high-end goals you want in your financial life, personal and professional relationships, health, mental strength, creative skills and leadership abilities!
  • You’re tired of trying methods that sometimes work and sometimes don’t work.
This workbook includes
  • The logical demonstration that one accepts with clear thinking, that their reality comes 100% from them, from their own perspective & mental frames
  • The clear and simple applicable solution to create a NEW and IMPROVED perspective on the world in which one lives (at home or in the office)
  • A proven-method of implementing action plans for a period of 2 months, during which you will have formed new happy behaviors that will keep you on an upward spiral towards 5 big goals in your life: financial independence, happy relationships, youthful health & energy, peace & clarity of mind full of new visionary ideas, and leadership in a particular area, in your personal or professional life

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Those who have applied the 4 Steps in the past recommend the Seed System to you, saying:
  • It is the source of fulfilling all objectives
  • Because it works; when you are determined and do not leave the desired result to chance; you want to use a technique that has results
  • Because it is a system that works every time and because the simple recommendation helps me to fulfill my own objectives.
  • Because it is effective, and you see the results immediately
  • To get whatever you want.
  • Because it is the most moral and integral way to get what we want. And because it works every time, on whatever we want
  • Because it works, because it’s an improvement on all levels, for you and for others
How has it helped those who have applied the 4 Steps in the past?
  • Clarity in goals, peace of mind and achieving financial goals
  • To trust that the money will come if I plant, I won tickets to events that I could not afford, my husband received a salary increase; I have a relationship with my husband; I recommend the competition without fear; I study for tenure because I trust that I will have both money and a career; I get information when I need it.
  • I doubled my salary, I received 2 jobs for which I didn’t even apply
  • To find my balance and see love
  • It brought me balance, because if I encounter a problem, I apply 4 steps and magically, I find the solution 🙂
  • We have obtained an important certification 2. I have been promoted twice in the last 2 years, 3. I received a salary increase of at least 20%, 4. We got approval to promote almost half of Team 5. In 3 years my income has increased 2.5 times, 6. I repaid loans in advance and saved at the same time
  • By helping others, I also helped myself in achieving some goals.
  • To be constantly focused on the goal; to channel my energy; to become confident about the chances of success; to be more relaxed; to feel good that I help; to know that I make the world better and my presence matters
  • I remembered to be better, to think about how other people can help, to have a meaningful life
  • It brought me clarity in what I have to do to achieve my goals and implicitly a method to get what I want
  • To write a book in a month
  • I brought the company back to profit and my income increased by 50% compared to last year during this time
What advice give you those who have successfully applied the 4 Steps in the past?
  • Do small actions daily, with faith
  • To study the rest, otherwise you don’t understand much about what happens, and if you don’t get it right away, you give up, and you say that the system is not good
  • Have patience, do Coffee Meditation and 4 Powers daily
  • Trust even if you don’t believe

Take the first step NOW towards the benefits of a successful life! Use the 4 STEPS WORKBOOK and upgrade the habits that will keep you on an upward spiral towards reaching your life vision!

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Learn how to apply a system that works every time, for consciously creating the inner and outer success you desire.

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