About Me

Hello! I am Ana, founder of Seeding Frenzy

Meditation Teacher & Seed System mentor for high achieving leaders and innovators.
Supporting you to build a lifestyle that keeps you on a constant upward spiral of success.

Mental seeds grow exponentially: just like in nature, a small seed creates a big tree.

At Seeding Frenzy we use the fruitful combination of planting mental seeds with joyful nurturing, so that you can grow the most beautiful and tallest trees: your goals & dreams.

This lifestyle is an upgraded behavior that is improved constantly through mental training on actions, words and thoughts.

Seeding Frenzy: a second nature of planting good mental seeds while having fun in the process.

I have been managing complex projects, teams and transformation for some of the largest IT&C companies in the world since 2006, But it’s my unique sense of empathy that allows me to understand other people’s needs and support them to push through towards the finish line. My journey of self-discovery and healing brought me to my real life mission:

Empower YOU to reach your highest potential in career and personal life.

Ana Ilie
The Type of Results
The Type of Results

Tripling income in 8 months

I have been managing teams and projects since 2011. But it wasn’t until I was introduced to the Seed System in 2017 and started to coach my colleagues with it, that my team began to transform rapidly, finally experiencing performance with ease, while having fun at work.

The coaching and mentoring you will receive from me  is based solely on the Seed System from the Diamond Cutter book, a technique that I personally used to increase my financial income. And in just 8 short months I have tripled my salary through a promotion at the headquarter of the same company: the third largest telecom in Europe. After I implemented the same system with my team, we have achieved the team’s annual goals in the first 4 months of the fiscal year. Moreover, 8 team members have been promoted to higher complexity roles, with salary increases between 10-38%! Sounds amazing, right?

I have now spent more than 1.000 hours personally mentoring and coaching more than 40 professionals from Romania, Austria, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. I clearly see that the Seed System is universal and delivers results across geographies and industries.


Stepping up on the DCI stage in just 365 days

Shortly after I participated the first time at a Diamond Cutter Institute training on meditation in September 2017, I tripled my income, thus becoming a raging fan of the Seed System.

So I started to travel around the world to gain more knowledge on how to apply it, to understand better how you can improve your life on various topics: leadership, innovation, relationships, eliminating bad habits and negative emotions. I love travelling, so it was super fun to go to two DCI trainings in the course of just one week!

I also had the opportunity to be part of the VIP group, where you talk directly with the founder of the Diamond Cutter Institute and the author of the Diamond Cutter business book. I asked Geshe Michael Roach 3 questions, one of which was to recommend to me a bold next step for my career. He suggested applying for Sedona College of International Management, the training academy where people are trained to teach the Seed System in the world.
Needless to say that I immediately started to plant seeds for this new objective and after five months I was one of the only 35 persons that are admitted to SCIM each term.
The amazing achievement that I was secretly hoping for was not that I was admitted to SCIM the first time, nor that I got in the second time in a row. The amazing achievement that I was hoping for deep down inside, happened exactly 365 days after the founder of DCI recommended to me to learn how to teach the Seed System: I was one of the teachers on the DCI stage at the world premiere of DCI Level 11 - Time Management! Exactly 1 year after!
Such a short period for an amazing goal: to become a recognised trainer in the area you’re most passionate about.

Mi Camino
Mi Camino

From burnout to... a new worldview

It’s not always fun and games!
Until 2017 I was what you might call a “workaholic”, with no work-life balance, flirting or being in a relationship with Mr. Burn-out.
But on my birthday in 2016, I decided to go on El Camino: my symbolic goal was to leave my first 33 years behind and to step courageously into my new life.
Equipped with a 3 weeks holiday, plane tickets and trekking gear, I went off to El Camino del Norte. No plans, no preparation, no trekking experience. Never had a backpack. Never learned proper Spanish. I just deep dived into the experience of walking alone while connecting with strangers that had the same direction. An El Camino experience cuts off most of the background noise and simplifies your day to 3 basic questions: Do I have enough water? Where do I sleep tonight? What do I eat this evening?
From workaholic to basic survival, I realised how we tend to overly complicate our lives and our mind. And the biggest realisation I found in that simplicity, was that we are all the same: we search for fulfillment and run away from pain.

We are all equal: we all have equal rights to success!

After 3 weeks spent in Spain, celebrating my 33rd birthday with a 333 km walk on El Camino, I returned to my corporate job and team management with a completely new perspective.
One week after I got back from El Camino, I read the Diamond Cutter business book, which offers you a practical method to get what you want, by using logic and warm-heartedness: the Seed System. I then hired a personal coach to guide me and hold me accountable to my new goals, while I gradually implemented the Seed System in my weekly coaching sessions and in my daily life. You can reach your goals much smoother when you are led by a mentor that has already achieved what you’re striving for.

Long Term Vision To Impact The World

Happiness is not just about reaching your goals

It’s been almost 3 years already and I have a completely different and better life for myself.

What I’ve accomplished (and MUCH more) is possible for you too, regardless what dreams you may have. They can be to live in another country, to have a superior quality of life, to heal your relationship with your family, to be completely financially independent and recover after burnout, like I did. Or anything else! What I want you to know is that you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

But what use is it to reach your goals when the people around you are not living a fulfilled life? Happiness is not just about reaching your goals. True happiness is also about seeing the people around you reach their hopes & dreams and become truly happy.

This is why I am purposely choosing the life mission to change the world by sharing the Seed System with one of the most powerful professionals in the world: people like you!
Aspiring leaders and innovators that want to create a better world for themselves and the people they love: your family, your friends and your colleagues.

You have the power to instill profound, positive change in the world through your relentless work!

When you are leading a group of people through personal change (may it be your team, your family or your community), you have the power to change the entire organisation (or family, or community). Your micro-efforts will turn into a macro-snowball which will generate powerful ripple effects! And when the biggest organizations in the world will change for the better, others will follow their lead and the whole world will undoubtedly transform for the better.

Long Term Vision To Impact The World

My gift for you!

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