Mihaela Munteanu

Mihaela Munteanu

Team Leader, Pall Corporation

Is hard to keep it short but I must say this: I knew that the Seed System works, but I found it hard to identify  what about it makes me successful, what are the thoughts, the deeds and the behaviours that when repeated, they would cause me to replicate or even increase exponentially my success. 

Ana helped me identify my When, Why and How to the extent that from an exceptional team member I promoted to a Team Leader role, that is not only successful, but is ”forced” to promote her team members every 6 months.

Ana showed me the way not only to a better performer, but to become an amazing team leader. 

Ana helped me identify what makes my manager a success, up to the point that he is now seen as a great performer and is lined up for a next level job, and I am in the position to say that because he is currently mentoring me to take over his role.