Ready to develop a lifestyle of constant growth?

Yes, I am!
Ana Ilie

Hello! I am Ana, founder of Seeding Frenzy

Meditation Teacher & Seed System mentor for high achieving leaders and innovators.
Supporting you to build a lifestyle that keeps you on a constant upward spiral of success.

Mental seeds grow exponentially: just like in nature, a small seed creates a big tree.

At Seeding Frenzy we use the fruitful combination of planting mental seeds with joyful nurturing, so that you can grow the most beautiful and tallest trees: your goals & dreams.

This lifestyle is an upgraded behavior that is improved constantly through mental training on actions, words and thoughts.

Seeding Frenzy: a second nature of planting good mental seeds while having fun in the process.

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Live events that help you attain and maintain your personal and organizational goals: Leadership & Innovation.

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VIP support for you to reach your goals and achieve: professional success, better finance, clearer purpose.

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An online guided meditation session, covering various aspects of the authentic & traditional Eastern systems for inner and outer success.

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